Deluxe Air Purifier

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Royal Prestige Pure Ambiance Deluxe Air Purifier



·         Completely filter and purify your home’s air 9 to 24 times per day

·         Brand New - Still in original box

·         Suitable for home or office use

·         Attractive, unobtrusive design fits with modern décor

·         Whisper-quiet for undisturbed conversations, TV, music, sleep

·         Easy to roll around in your home or office

·         Simple to replace the two-filter cartridge set

·         Retail value $1800




·         Filters 1350 square feet (10,800 cubic feet) per hour of indoor air.

·         Black rectangular shape

·         Dimensions: 25 inches high x 15 inches wide x 17 inches deep

·         Weight:  32 pounds

·         High-impact plastic casters for easy rolling around

·         Wall-mountable for saving floor space

·         9 stages of filtration leaves air clean and smelling fresh – disinfects, removes unwanted odors, particles, microorganisms

o   2-Stage Prefilter Cartridge (washable, replaceable)– removes large particles, hair, dust bunnies, hydrocarbons, dander, mites

§  Stage 1 Puratech foam prefilter

§  Stage 2 Polyweb Electrostatic particle magnet prefilter removes hydrocarbons that stink up the house during cooking and smoking, fireplaces, etc.

o   6-Stage Main Filter Cartridge (replaceable)

§  Micro-grip Tackified adhesive fiber submicron filter

§  H.E.P.A. filter – eliminates microparticles, mold, dander.

§  Micro Anti-Microbrial filter kills and removes microbes

§  High Capacity Activated Carbon filter absorbs and eliminates odors and dangerous gases and chemicals

§  Ultra-Purification GWM-X filter removes biological/chemical warfare agents

§  Negative Ionizer freshens stale room air the way a thunderstorm freshens outside air for improved health

o   1-Stage Ozonator (not replaceable) – removes heavy odors by splitting their molecules, and kills germs, leaving air fresh and clean.

·         You should change the filter cartridges approximately semi-annually under continuous use in typical homes for optimal filtration

·         Branded by Royal Prestige:  http://www.royalprestige.com


Your Cost

·         No-Haggle Price: $977

·         Includes Shipping Allowance:  $47 (should cover transport from Puerto Rico to Eastern US)

·         Sales tax: $0 (we have already paid it)

·         Number of Units Available:  ONE UNIT ONLY


Why You Should Buy Now

·         Royal Prestige distributors charge “seniors” a discounted price at least $500 higher than our No-Haggle Price

·         Royal Prestige no longer markets the high powered Deluxe model.  It makes only the lower power, lower capacity, less filtration Compact model.

·         No other home filtration system has such advanced and effective filtration features


Our Reason for Selling This Unit

·         We bought the unit to help grandmother’s emphysema but she died while the unit was en route from the distributor to her home.

·         We cannot bear to use the unit because it reminds us too much of our dearly departed granny.

·         It just languishes in its shipping carton in our living room closet, wanting to fulfill its purpose to filter the air for a family that yearns for good breathing health.

·         Granny’s departure expenses really hit us hard, and we need the money.


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